I need to say something about myself and put it it.  I hate saying things about myself.



Computers, Sciences and Technology

I have followed them all my life.  I grew up with Cosmos, Nova and a Commodore 64.  I still surround myself with techinology, like we all do.  I still go out and check my computer and science websites everyday.


Miniature War Gaming

I picked up the hobby of modeling, painting, and gaming with toy soldiers in college.  It has always me an artistic expression that I might never had developed otherwise.  It has also introduced me to many of the finest people I have ever meet and pushed me to explore history in a new way.


Also I might not be the biggest outdoors type, I do like to keep an eye open for plants, birds, cats, insects and expressly turtles.


Star Wars

Yeah I might be a Star Wars fan.  And a Star Trek fan.  Heck just a Sci-Fi fan in general. Books, movies, TV, you name it.



I’ve had the good fortune to travel to a number of countries in the company of some good friend.  It’s given me some of my most precious memories.  I got to experience a feeling of homecoming in Northern England and seen the delight on the face of a friend looking out the windows of Prague Castle.



Like a lot of people, I’ve struggled with my weight, health and fitness my whole life.  Thanks to support of friends and family it has become an important part of my life.